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Cultural methods, cultivars, fertilizer recommendations, and pest control measures (including registrations) vary by region. Planting date, soil type, climate (daylength, temperature, precipitation), and pest populations account for many of the differences. Information found in files from other states may not be relevant to conditions in the Pacific Northwest. In particular, check pesticide labels to ensure that a recommendation is valid for the Northwest.

All Vegetables:
Crop Production Budgets
ArizonaMississippi New JerseySouth Carolina
Cultural Practices Direct Marketing
Curly Top Virus, NMDamping Off, CTDisease Handbook, TX
Disease Management, FL | NYFoliage & Fruit Disorders, TXGray Mold in Greenhouse, CT
Phytophthora, COPlant Disease Notes, NCPowdery Mildew: FL | Greenhouse, CT
Sclerotinia, FLSpotted Wilt Virus, NM Vegetable, NY
Insects & Nematodes
Aphids in Greenhouse, CTBeneficial Insects, FL Colorado Potato Beetle, WI
Greenhouse Insects, OHInsect Management Guide, NYInsect Management Notes, NC
Insect Pests: TXInsect links, VA
For Organic Growers, CTPesticide Info Center, WAPesticide Common Names
Pesticide Guide, TXPesticide Info, NY
Weed Management Principles, FLWeed Management, FL | NY | Greenhouse, CT
Weed Images, NJWeed Images, Weed Science Soc.

Individual Crops
Artichoke: California
Asparagus: IA | MN | NM | NY | NC | OH
Anthracnose, CTBacterial Diseases: CO | CT | WICA Diseases, WI
Fertilizer, MNLima: GA, MSMold and Mildew, CTNE
NY Pole Bean, GAProduction, WIRust, CT
Snap, MSSprouts, NCViruses, CT
Bedding Plants: Greenhouse IPM, CT | Pest Management, CT
Beets: New York | N. Carolina | Wisconsin
Broccoli: CA | GA | MS | NY | NC | WI
Broccoli-Raab: N. Carolina
Brussels Sprouts: New York | N. Carolina
Cabbage: CA | MS | NY | NC | WI
Carrot: CA | MN | MS | NY | NC | Rust fly, WA | WI
Cauliflower: CA | NC | NY | WI
Celery: CA | Fertilization on Organic Soils, FL | NC | NY
Cilantro: CA | Greenhouse, IN
Cole Crops (Crucifers):
Alternaria, FLBlack Rot: CT | FL | WIClub Root: CT | Club Root, WI
Downy Mildew, FLInsect Pests, Management: CT | IN Production, WI
Collards: N. Carolina
Cress, Upland: N. Carolina
Cucumber: CA | Cucumber Beetle Mgt., VA | MS | NY | NC | WI
Bacterial Wilt: CT | WIBlack Rot, CT Downy Mildew, FLLeaf & Fruit Diseases, CT
Leaf & Fruit Disorders, TXMildew, CTProduction, FLInsect Management, IN
NE, pollination OH, pollinationProduction, WIViruses, CT
Edamame (Vegetable Soybean): Washington
Eggplant: California | Georgia | Mississippi | Nebraska | NY | N. Carolina | Wisconsin
Endive & Escarole: Fertilization on Organic Soils, Florida | New York
Garlic: California | Minnesota | New Mexico
Gourds: N. Carolina | Wisconsin
Greens: N. Carolina
Herbs: Alberta | Ohio | Pennsylvania
Kale: Nebraska
Lettuce: Anthracnose, WA | CA | Diseases, CT | Fertilization on Organic Soils, FL | NY | NC
Luffa Sponge Gourd: North Carolina
Melons: Air Pollution Damage, IN | Cucumber Beetle, IN | Root Knot Nematode, IN | NY
Muskmelon: CA | IA | MS | NY | NC | WI
Okra: California | Georgia | Mississippi | N. Carolina
Botrytis & Purple Blotch, CO Bulb, MSCAFusarium Basal Rot, WI
GeorgiaGreen: GA | NCNYSoil-borne Diseases, CO
Oriental Vegetables: Georgia
Parsley: Indiana
Peas: CA | Diseases, WI | Fact Sheet, IN | Green, MS | NY | Production, WI | Southern, NC
Aphids, CNBacterial Spot: FL | CN | Management, CNBell, California | Mississippi
Chili, California Chiles, New MexicoEuropean Corn Borer, CN
GA Hot, MississippiIPM, CN
Maggot, CNMinor Diseases, CNNew York
N. CarolinaPhytophthora, CNPimiento, Mississippi
Blights, CTCol. Pot. Beetle, WAEarly Blight, FLFlorida
Insect Mgt: INLate Blight, FL MississippiNew York
N. CarolinaScab, CT Sclerotinia Stem Rot, WAVascular Wilts, CT
Viruses, CT
Pumpkin: CA | CN | Diseases, IN | MS | NY | NC | WI
Radish: Fertilization on Organic Soils, FL | MS | NY | NC | PSNT, CN | WI
Rhubarb: California
Root Crops: Wisconsin
Rutabaga: N. Carolina
Spinach: California | New York | N. Carolina
Sprouts: Nebraska | N.Carolina
Squash: Acorn, MS | CA | GA | NY | Summer, MS | Summer, NC | Winter, NC | WI
Sweet Corn:
CaliforniaDiseases, CTEarworm: IN | WI Fertilizer, Organic Soils, FL
MinnesotaNew York NM, Specialty Corns North Carolina
Sweetpotato: GA | MS | NE | Presprouting, NC | Seedstocks, NC
Bacterial Canker: CT | FLBacterial Diseases, CTBacterial Speck, FL
Bacterial Spot: FL | CTBlossom End Rot: NC | WICalifornia
Catfacing, WIDisorders, TXEarly Blight:CT | WI
Fertigation, MSFresh Market, NCFungal Diseases, CT
Fusarium Wilt, WIGreenhouse: MS Greenhouse Pests, MS | CT
Hydroponic, AZ Insect Control, IN Mississippi
Mosaic Diseases, CTNY Processing, NC
Production, WI Septoria Spot, WISpottted Wilt Virus, CT
Vascular Wilt, CT Verticillium Wilt, WIWashing, CA
Turnip: California | New York | N. Carolina
Watermelon: California | Diseases, TX | Georgia | Iowa | MS | Nebraska | Wisconsin

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